General Rules

  • If you wish to extend your visit you must re-register prior to 11:00 AM. Late check out is not available between March 15th - October 15th, otherwise late check out is until 4 p.m.  

  • Register your guests at the office before arrival. Guests are expected to pay a charge if they stay longer than 30 minutes or use the RV Park facilities

  • Playground is open until 9:00p.m.

  • One vehicle and one camping unit per site. No extra tents or units allowed. No more than 6 persons per site

  • Speed limit is 5MPH and strictly enforced

  • Washing RV’s is allowed for a fee please check in the office for details



Supervise children at all times (8 years or under)

Keep your pets on a leash

Clean up after your pet immediately

Register your guests at the office before arrival

Follow rules posted at the pool

Deposit your garbage in the dumpster located at the corner of Magnolia & Oak

Respect quiet hours from 10p.m. to 8 a.m.

Keep all alcoholic beverages at your campsite only. Rowdiness and drunkenness are prohibited


Drive through vacant campsites

Take glass into the pool area

Drive or park any vehicle on the patios or grassy surfaces

Drive more than 5 MPH (strictly enforced)

Bring pets in pool or playground areas

Bring more than 3 pets, our policy is 2 dogs per campsite.

Hang clothing lines

Run auxiliary generators

Leave children unsupervised (8 years or under)

Bring fireworks or firearms on the park property

Wash RV unless there is a nozzle on the hose and you have paid the fee in the office. No free flowing water.

Ride motorcycles or motorized carts in the park

Have a campfire unless it is in an off-ground fire pit

Dump the campfire ashes on the ground


Checking In

All Registration fees are to be paid in advance. Please register for only the amount of time you are sure you will stay.
CHECK-IN: 12:00 p.m. CST

CHECK-OUT: 11:00 a.m. CST

Late Arrivals

Our office closes at 5pm each evening. Late arrivals are welcome.

If you arrive after hours without a reservation  you should report to the Night Registration Area to choose an appropriate site from the posted “sites available list” and follow the directions for payment deposit.

If you have a reservation and arrive after hours you will have a packet at the Night Registration area under “late arrivals” with your last name written on it.

For full terms and conditions please click here.

Cancellation Policy

Please call 205-664-8832 or come to the front office if you need to discuss a cancellation. We cannot handle cancellations via email.

If you cancel more than 14 days prior to your arrival date, you will receive a full refund minus a $10.00 cancellation fee. 

If you cancel inside the 14 days prior to your arrival date, we will transfer your credit to your in-house account to be applied to a future stay. It may be transferred one time to a later date to be used in the same calendar year. 

No shows may not transfer any credit or reservation dates.

We cannot extend refunds or credits for early departures.